Lancer Stephens
Lancer Stephens is a member of the Wichita and Affiliated Tribes of Oklahoma through his father and also half Muscogee (Creek) through his mother. Dr. Stephens is an Associate Dean for Sovereignty, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, and an Associate Professor of Research at the Hudson College of Public Health where he teaches classes on American Indian health, ethical research with diverse populations and social and behavioral factors of public health.

  • Lancer’s interests revolve around children’s health, increasing motivation for healthy behaviors, diversity and its effect on disease prevention. Dr. Stephens is heavily involved with the development and continued support of non-profit organizations such as the Native Youth Preventing Diabetes (NYPD) coalition, the Oklahoma Inter-Tribal Diabetes Coalition (OIDC), and the Oklahoma Tribal Finance Consortium (OTFC), all of which are geared toward increased education, resources and disease prevention practices throughout Oklahoma’s American Indian populations. Dr. Stephens also serves many of the tribes throughout Oklahoma through board and community service to further strengthen OU’s relationship with Oklahoma’s sovereign tribal nations and is an advocate for enhancing tribal research and partnerships.
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Lancer Stephens
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