Implementation of mobility restrictions
The implementation of mobility restrictions, in combination with vaccination and non-pharmaceutical interventions, to meet the needs of small communities during a pandemic.
  • During the pandemic, no clear criteria for the formation or dissolution of the Atlantic bubble was established, and while there may have been other communities in Canada, particularly remote communities, including First Nations, and border communities, where quarantine-free travel zones were warranted, the conditions for the formation of such zones, including vaccination levels, and the best approaches to NPI implementation within the quarantine-free zones has not been resolved. This research will serve the needs of Atlantic Canada and other small communities, including First Nations.
  • Co-Project Investigators: Amy Hurford (Memorial University of Newfoundland), James Watmough (University of New Brunswick), Matthew Betti (Mount Allison University) and Monica Cojocaru (University of Guelph)
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Implementation of mobility restrictions
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