OSN - Organizational Structure
The One Society Network consists of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC), the Network Management Team (which includes the Network co-leads, investigators, project manager and project coordinator) and the research teams.

  • The Scientific Advisory Committee will serve as the external advisory group, guiding and supporting the Network’s strategic efforts in establishing linkages with national and international research organizations in the areas of public health, epidemiology, and economics. The SAC will consist of senior public health decision makers from provincial and federal governments, nationally and internationally recognized mathematical modelers, economists, and/or industry leaders across the sectors identified for research.
  • The Network Management Team will actively manage the Network by seeking possible synergies between the different work programmes and, where possible, with other Emerging Infectious Disease Modelling (EIDM) networks, facilitating the exchange of expertise and information, organizing Network meetings and workshops, as well as setting up Network collaborative tools.
  • The research teams consist of researchers with expertise in the fields of mathematical modelling, health, the environment, education, agriculture, transportation, marginalized communities, epidemiology, and macroeconomics. These researchers will develop comprehensive linked mathematical models and accompanying methods, of the impact of infectious diseases (and policy responses to them) on public health, health care systems, the behaviors of individuals and firms, and how these affect the broader society and the economy.
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OSN - Organizational Structure
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