05 Mobility Network and Patch Models
The spatio-temporal spread of infectious diseases involves a succession of transport and importation events, so to better model global spread, we will develop models of both processes, in isolation and together.
  • To do that, we will first constitute a geospatial database on movement, drawing in from a wide variety of public and private sources to obtain a global view of human mobility. We will then consider importation and patch models for infectious disease spread using this transportation data. We will in particular incorporate the multiple modalities that make up mobility, as well as consider the effect of various methods to slow spread.

Leads: Julien Arino (University of Manitoba, Winnipeg), Amy Hurford (Memorial University, Newfoundland)

Team Members: Peter Park, Javier Sanchez, Sanjeev Seahra, Lin Wang, Xiaoqiang Zhao, Xingfu Zou

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05 Mobility Network and Patch Models
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