misconceptions of nonviolent resistance

Gene Sharp, The Politics of Nonviolent Action, (3 Vols..),
Boston: Porter Sargent, 1973.
Bringing Down Dictators & Consolidating Democracies »Bringing Down Dictators & Consolidating Democracies
1. Introduction: Theory »1. Introduction: Theory
misconceptions of nonviolent resistance
closeness between the contending groups needed »closeness between the contending groups needed
culture »culture
done via institutionalised political channels »done via institutionalised political channels
limited to domestic conflicts »limited to domestic conflicts
needs a charismatic leader »needs a charismatic leader
nonviolence fails against violence »nonviolence fails against violence
nonviolent action takes longer to produce victory »nonviolent action takes longer to produce victory
pacifism »pacifism
passivity »passivity
people are inherently "good" »people are inherently "good"
persuasion »persuasion
used only for "good" »used only for "good"
Non-violent resistance  »Non-violent resistance
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