Hongmei Zhu
Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics at York University.

  • Professor Zhu was born and educated in China. Prior to moving to Canada, Hongmei obtained a honorable B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics from Shandong University, P. R. China. Hongmei carried out her graduate work at the Department of Applied Mathematics under the guidance of Professor Graham M.L. Gladwell, the University of Waterloo (UW). After completing her Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics in 2000, she first worked on sparse matrix computation as a postdoctoral fellow under the guidance of Professor Alan George in the David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science at the UW. Then she worked as a MSSOC postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Ross Mitchell at the Seaman MR Centre at Foothills Hospital, University of Calgary between 2001 and 2004.
  • Her primary research interests are in the areas of time-frequency analysis, wave analysis, numerical computations and their applications in real-world problems arisen from medicine and other industries.
  • At York, she enjoys teaching a variety of courses ranging from Linear Algebra, Numerical Computations in Finance, Computational Mathematics, Complex analysis, Computations in Mathematics for Teachers, to Partial Differential Equations and Harmonic Analysis and Imaging.

Research Interests

  • Time-frequency Analysis
  • Wave Analysis
  • Numerical Computations
  • Applications in Medicine and Industry
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Hongmei Zhu
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