Conviviality with Nothing.
Unique Voice
Challenges towards unify two objects of independent and/or different expressions and activities
drafted by 
Shuichi Iwata on January 26, 2021

As well-organized disciplines to merge different objects, expressions and activities we know for example:
Arithmetic, analysis and statistics for numbers, functions, calculations/computations,
Geometry and drawings for points, lines, surfaces, textures, patterns, solids and super dimensional objects,
Algebra and computer algebra systems for mathematical symbols, manipulating rules, equations, 
Sciences and engineering for fragmented data, information and knowledge on  nature and artifacts,
Economics, business administration, sociology, politics, history, anthropology, philosophy and so on for human activities and resources on organizations, operations, managements, decision-making,
ICT for texts, images, contents, contexts and flows of data, information and knowledge,
Ethics, aesthetics and design for thoughts and values.    

Nuclear applications such as nuclear reactors, isotopes and accelerators have been developed by merging natural resources and human resources, assuming timely dreams and/or reasonings based on global contexts as known Manhattan Project, Cold War and Atoms for Peace, Oil Shocks, and recently SDGs.  On the contrary negative feedbacks due to TMI, Chernobyl, North Korea, Fukushima and so on have been piled up to solidify strong against movements to nuclear applications by overestimating risks of irradiation effects to public health.  It seems necessary to organize procedures to reach well-balanced holistic reasonings on various rationalities by people.  

Each group has their own comfortable explanations of a certain rationality which is not perfectly appreciated by another group.  There are some differences on concepts, languages, values, incentives and so on, so that different stakeholders are consequently formed.  The current situation, if we refer to Sir Francis Bacon, is be expressed as a chaos of different idola, namely, idola tribus, idola specus, idora fori and idora theati.  In order to get a holistic view beyond such fragmented and differentiated idola, or to overcome differences, or to bridge gaps, many persons of wisdom have been expressing their thoughts, which have been archived as commons and clouds.  How can we step forward?

In short, I think it looks effective and practical to develop “active interfaces” to unify two objects and let the unified object grow through further self-organizations absorbing nearest neighbors by “active interfaces”.  If we want to set a goal to make nuclear plants as common goods for all, it is necessary to prepare such a platform to merge two objects-different hypodigms(idola) into one inclusive hypodigm.  Basic research is needed to achieve this grand challenge.  It requires in-depth analysis of the elementary processes for each integration and the development of practical tools for merging.

The ultimate goal is the problem of communication between individuals who have different intellectual backgrounds, feelings, ways of thinking, and values, through the interaction of the conceptual space, value space, and cognitive space formed by each individual.  The process of forming a sharable practical space have been tried in different ways as shown at

The hypodigm that individual consciousness is individual and only one's consciousness can be directly conscious is stubborn, and the "conclusion" that the consciousness of others cannot be recognized cannot be easily avoided.  This attempt is a basic research to update the contents of consciousness possessed by each through interaction and to provide the basis of work to newly build consciousness based on a common understanding.  The abundant consciousness phenomenon that can be seen in reality is not the "original" of a single intellectual activity, but the product of "co-creation".

I need to ask myself how I can step forward.  
Some scripts I have in mind are drafted below as straw dolls for the next step.

[Expressions by character and phonic symbols] 
CS-Character Symbol(s): ideograph, hieroglyph, calligraphy, phonogram and word expressed as one or plural character symbols corresponding to different patterns in brain observed by NMR
CCS-Combination of Character Symbols(words, phrases, , (Haiku, Waka, Renga/poems), sentences, stories
Character Strings including Genomes 
CCS by different languages(translation of cultural anthropological semantics and linguistics)
Musical notes, sounds 

[Mathematical expressions] 
Geometric elements(Points, Lines, Faces, Solids, Super-dimensional objects) 
Topology, Relation, Mapping, Equation, Operator, Algorism/Program

[Structured expressions] 
Data with Metadata
Tables (fields, records, metadata) 
Entities and Relations
Graphs and Trees/Networks (including debategraph) 
Images, Photos and Movies
Computer Programs 
Knowledge Bases
Knowledge(explicit), Understanding, Reasoning, Model, Theory, Thought, Idea, Concept and so on based on a specific academic framing (hypodigm)

[Unstructured expressions] 
Intuitions/Inspirations/Tacit Knowledges/Abduction
Scholarly Papers, Treatises, Studies, Monographs (How to write review inclusive articles without losing essential points?) 

[Engineering expressions] 
Reductionism as Physical Material Centric Reality(Elementary Particles, Atoms, Molecules/Clusters, Micro-, Meso-, Macroscopic Structures, Materials, Parts, Components, System Products, Plants, Environments, Earth, Solar System, Galaxy, Cosmos )
Reductionism as Human Centric Reality(Individual, Team/Group/Community/ Organization/Society/Nation, Company/Institute, Network/Tie/Value-Chain/Supply-Chain/Block-Chain/Trust-Chain)
Value-added Cycles(Raw Data , Validated Data, Evaluated Data, Standard Data, Design Data; Observation-Experiment-Theory/Model-Simulation-Design; Life Cycle(Project Management: Needs, Design, Manufacturing, Assembling, Marketing, Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning, Service, Maintenance, Disassembling, Waste Management )
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