FutureVision(SDGs++ by DX, ...)
Listing of interesting ideas and proposal for our future

Without a right map, Christopher Columbus is said that he was the first European contact with the Caribbean, Central America, and South America.


In his map he had no data about the area. He formulated a plan to seek a western sea passage to the East Indies, hoping to profit from the lucrative spice trade.


Now we are in a pilgrim journey by a dugout in a cyber space dominated by GAFA without knowing where to go.


GAFA + #$%  is dominating ....


Digital Divides


Where are we?


World Materials »World Materials
FutureVision(SDGs++ by DX, ...)
Communications for Less Divides »Communications for Less Divides
Rationalities, Sensitivities and/or Uncertainties »Rationalities, Sensitivities and/or Uncertainties
Audrey Tang(唐鳳) »Audrey Tang(唐鳳)
Carl von Clausewitz »Carl von Clausewitz
Immanuel Kant »Immanuel Kant
Michael Z. Zgurovsky »Michael Z. Zgurovsky
Science & Religion »Science & Religion
Tomonobu Imamichi »Tomonobu Imamichi
(Know, Don't Know) x (Know, Don't Know)  »(Know, Don't Know) x (Know, Don't Know)
Anthropogenic Climate Change »Anthropogenic Climate Change
An Open Source Pattern Language (re)generative of Commons »An Open Source Pattern Language (re)generative of Commons
Understanding Health in the UK »Understanding Health in the UK
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