Inviting people to private (and public) maps?
  • When you first create a Private map, the map is only findable and editable by you.
  • However, you can Invite anyone – existing DebateGraphers and/or people who haven't registered yet – to collaborate with you on the map, by using the Invite feature on the Community tab.

  • The invitations include an automatic link to the Bubble view of the map and make invitees fellow editors of the map.
  • The map creator (and any moderators you appoint) can convert a private map into a public map at any time (via Community tab); however, a public map can only be converted into a private map by a site administrator (to safeguard the interests of all the people who have collaborated on a public map).
  • Links to your private maps are displayed on your list of My maps & bookmarks, which you can access via the Account menu (above the map) or via the My maps & bookmarks radio button on the Search tab.
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Inviting people to private (and public) maps?
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