A quick guide to the Outline tab

You can use the Outline tab in combination with the Bubble and Box views to see the wider context and breadcrumb trail to the top of the map from your current location – and toggle the Outline to the left (using the option at the bottom of the Outline tab) to see the Outline in combination with the Details view. 

You can navigate to any idea displayed on the Outline with a single click and can Drag & Drop ideas on the Outline to make and complete Moves and Cross-links – making it quick and simple to restructure even the largest maps.

By default the Drag & Drop feature is set to Move ideas; however, you can toggle this to Cross-linking by cliking on the Cross-link button (under the map) before beginning to drag the source idea for the cross-link to the target idea for the cross-link.

You can also expand a collapsed Outline to view the entire map by click in the Expand checkbox (and uncheck the box to collapse a fully expanded Outline):

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