State Description on our Community
Full digital description with IDs on individual, product, data, process, value and nature in order to respect fundamental human right and individual care in a sustainable way
  • IDs for each individual and life log for human security of all people-->health care, public health, food safety, medical services and so on.
  • Management of all products through their(system, part, material, data and procedures) IDs towards safety, sustainability and refining inclusive wealth-->virtual engineering for engineering products, e.g., nuclear reactors with not only more than 10 million parts but also 10 million residents in the vicinity of their sites.
  • Management of data, information, knowledge, semantics, context for better value-added cycles in cyber-space, e.g., design and maintenance data on each product, health data on each resident.
  • ​Management of value chains in terms of above IDs and maintain cultural diversities with respect to natural capital, produced capital and human capital.
  • Observation and archiving of our nature to maintain its biodiversity and ecology, e.g, digital earth, future earth. 
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State Description on our Community
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