How we have been.
Personal insights into our performance as human.

Morning glories
Spark joy emerges their diversities
Beautiful shapes and colors

One moon in the sky
Many stories and poems
Another side of humanity

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  Special Lecture "New Society driven by Open Data" by Shuichi Iwata(MPD)
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I have become serious to consider open data after 3.11 multiple disasters, when SNS, twitter, internet worked well but  blocked by organizational security barriers.
Concept and policy for information society are important, so that it is the next key issue how to create "a culture" beyond open data.
Genome data have been organized open in these decades, but values from open data had been created as diversities of morning glories in Edo Era a few hundred years ago.

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Rationalities on data are many folds, namely, scientific rationality, civilizational rationality, cultural rationality, political rationality, technical rationality, social rationality, economical rationality---it is not easy to balance different rationalities. And in each context of users open data plays a basis for fruitful communication, endorsed better by higher quality data.  It looks like the moon and us; we share one moon but each person creates his/her own haiku on the moon.
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How we have been.
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