How to view these maps
Notes on viewing the maps, with suggested short-links to this map.
DebateGraph has many different ways of viewing the maps, each useful in its own way. All these Views are available from the Views menu at the top of the screen.

Here are explanations (with short-links for this particular map) of three of the Views:

Outline View: useful for faster navigation on laptops/desktops/tablets:

Page View: useful for phones (a single-column display with context-sensitive navigation at the foot of the page). A more web-page like experience:

Explorer Focus View: a good spatial focus view for laptops/desktops/tablets:


How to view these maps
A note on cross-links (the yellow boxes) »A note on cross-links (the yellow boxes)
The ISPS-US DebateGraph Project »The ISPS-US DebateGraph Project
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