Assume exports are waste
“The general procedure in Norway if it is unclear whether the receiving country regards the object as waste or not, is that the exporter must contact the importing country competent authority and facility and ask for their opinion. If there is disagreement on the classification of waste or not, the object have to be exported as waste. We believe this procedure provide greater protection of both countries involved and suggest this as a way forward.”

From p. 1 of response by Norway to Basel Secretariat. 2015. ‘Decision BC-12/5 | Technical Guidelines on Transboundary Movements of Electrical and Electronic Waste and Used Electrical and Electronic Equipment, in Particular Regarding the Distinction between Waste and Non-Waste under the Basel Convention’.
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Draft Technical Guidelines »Draft Technical Guidelines
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Situations in which used equipment is or is not waste »Situations in which used equipment is or is not waste
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Assume exports are waste
2015-06 Technical Guidelines on Waste & Non-Waste [2015 June 23] »2015-06 Technical Guidelines on Waste & Non-Waste [2015 June 23]
Decision BC-12/5 »Decision BC-12/5
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