Vigorous Learning Organizations
Such an organization is structured and culturally developed for maximum learning by everyone, collectively. It strives to fulfill a mission related to Compression with as much vigor and innovation as possible. But "vigorous" means that it does things; it doesn't just research topics.

A vigorous learning enterprise is an expanded learning organization -- expanded to include all other organizations on which it must depend for both performance and learning. Some of these may be suppliers or customers of a commercial organization, as with a supply chain. And in the broad sense, a supply chain includes service advisors and financiers, not just companies that buy "stuff" or ship in "stuff." 

In addition, learning organizations may regularly or occasionally interact with schools, community organizations, non-profits, institutes, agencies, associations, or even individuals who may contribute to understanding across the broad range of considerations necessary to deal with Compression.

No real organization is known to function exactly as the diagram above shows, but a number are similar. The concept of a vigorous learning organization is an amalgam of the best seen over the last ten years.

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