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"Groups like Toxic Links argue that the trade in e-waste is “camouflaged and is a thriving business in India, conducted under the pre-text of obtaining ‘reusable’ equipment or ‘donations’ from developed nations.” 

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"Environmental Impact in India: A recent study from Toxics Link reveals that two regions in Delhi, India have already reported soil and water contamination. Soil was tested in Loni and Mandoli. Both had high levels of heavy metals. Both contained significant levels of lead, Loni had 147 times the amount as the control sample. Drinking water for both these regions have tested positive for substantial amounts of toxic metals. Mercury has also been found; 710 times the Indian limit in Mandoli, 20 times in Loni."

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Toxic Links
Unrepairable e-waste is shipped as "reusable" »Unrepairable e-waste is shipped as "reusable"
E-waste recycling in the South pose massive human-environment risks »E-waste recycling in the South pose massive human-environment risks
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