E-waste recycling reduces need for virgin mining

"The research also indicated that the same volume of discarded mobile phones produces approximately 100kg of copper and 3kg of silver, as well as a number of other metals.

In addition to easing the burden on the environment that could represent, Holgate said it could also take the weight off a collective conscience since some precious metals are mined in notable conflict areas.

“We don’t need these mines in developing countries with shady characters because there’s enough metal dug out of the ground already. It’s all here,” Holgate said.

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Source Document: http://www.richmond-news.com/business/recycling-riches-sought-in-e-waste-piles-1.2125810

Date: December 3, 2015


"Trade in used electronics is highly profitable for developing countries and can provide development benefits like access to inexpensive refurbished electronics. Some argue that these exports extend the life of electronics and therefore cut down on waste. The extraction of metals from used electronics, if handled responsibly, can also be an environmentally friendly alternative to mining. 

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Source Document: http://www.ictsd.org/bridges-news/biores/news/us-regulation-of-e-waste-exports-under-scrutiny-from-within

Date: October 3, 2008


"Defenders of the trade[who?] in used electronics say that extraction of metals from virgin mining has been shifted to developing countries. Recycling of copper, silver, gold, and other materials from discarded electronic devices is considered better for the environment than mining. They also state that repair and reuse of computers and televisions has become a "lost art" in wealthier nations, and that refurbishing has traditionally been a path to development. 

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Source Document: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_waste

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E-waste recycling reduces need for virgin mining
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