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People from across the world met for a day and a half at Stanford University in October 2015 to consider: what would it mean to have a truly “People-Centered Internet” and what can we do to get there? [1]

“This meeting is about exploring new ways to make network infrastructure and applications work to improve the quality of life for many millions if not billions of people. We face a forest of ideas and need to help each other navigate through many of them - learning from one another as we share experience and insight. We are interested in concrete steps that may be possible, embedding them in a longer term vision of plausible evolution.”

Vint Cerf, Chair of the Secretariat for the People-Centered Internet

Seated: Secretariat of the People Centered Internet - Manu Bhardwaj (US State Dept.) Mei Lin Fung (Organizer, US & Singapore), Vint Cerf (Chair, US), Nagy Hanna (Advisor to the World Bank, US), Anil Srivastava (Open Health Systems Laboratory, US), Ahmed Calvo (Stanford Haas Center for Public Service, US & Costa Rica)

Standing: (L-R) John Mitchell (Vice Provost Teaching & Learning Stanford, US), David Nordfors (I4J, US & Sweden), Vince Kohli (Future of Empathy, US & India), Eileen Clegg (Visual Insight, US), Virgilio Almeida (Brazil), John Ryan (Wire the World, US & UK), Lynn Gallagher (ex-USAID, US), Madis Tiik (Tallinn University, Estonia), Mark Finnern (Thrivable Future Salon, US & Germany), Monique Morrow (Cisco, US), Deepak Mishra (World Bank, US & India), Ray Jeter (Air Force, US), Anna Waldman-Brown (Maker & Hacker spaces, US), John Matttison (Kaiser Permanente, US), Kimberly King (One Island Institute, US), Bruce Green (US), Peter Forsyth (Wikipedia community, US), JacQualine (Intuition Power, US), Steve Huter (Network Startup Resource Center, US), Valerie Landau (Samuel Merritt University, US), Ndemo Bitange (University of Nairobi, Kenya), Effie Chow (East West Academy of Healing Arts, US), Stefan Nachuk (UCSF, US), Shannon McElyea (Friend-Raiser, US), Lucienne Abrahams (LINK Center, University of the Witswatersrand, South Africa), Jeff Richardson (South Bay Organization Development, US), Chris Bui (The American Focus, US), Bill Daul (NextNow, US).

Not in photo: Rene Summer (Ericsson, US), Paul Greenberg (The 56 Group, US), Vincent Everts (Video blogger, Netherlands), Dan Desmond (The Simi group, US), Dan Esbensen (Touch Technologies Inc., US), Mindy Hill (San Carlos School District, US), Bill Fenwick (Fenwick & West, US), Kennan Salinero (Re-Imagine Science, US), Wayne Jonas (Samueli Institute, US), Linda Neuhauser (UC Berkeley, US), Jack Park (Topic Quests. US), David Price (DebateGraph, UK), Mark Cullen (Stanford Center for Population Health Science, in the School of Medicine, US), Lorene Nelson (Stanford Center for Population Health Science, in the School of Medicine, US).


The People-Centered Internet Forum appreciatively acknowledges our genesis as a spin-off of the Innovation for Jobs initiative founded in 2013. Innovation for Jobs is chaired by co-founders Vint Cerf and David Nordfors. i4j organizes a Leadership Forum discussing how to disrupt unemployment and the i4j ECO Summit where leaders in the innovation for jobs ecosystem meet to talk shop. The IIIJ Foundation, a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, manages i4j.

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