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Women's Institute for Collaborative Knowledge and Experiential Development

Equality and Dignity

A path to build bridges and balance the leadership pool in taking on wicked problems. 

  • Implicate order establishes the foundation by which our reality forms in applied action.
  • Explicate order results from the implicate orders foundation. 

Many of the wicked problems originate from not having implicate order to derive the organizations performance which shows up (explicate order).

For these reasons, any key performance indicators designed to aid in detecting internal threats as your resources execute to the plan fail to warn your managers and fail your workers in that they work with different tools that control and were designed to manage their span of control and daily activities.  Executives hold the responsibility to supply effective tools for workers to perform duties, with more emphasis on allowing decision making at the lowest levels of an organization. 

Executives further own the accountability for all activities within their organization or agency.  Competing objectives?  Perhaps, achievable?  Absolutely, when your tools leverage their design and outcomes are not massaged offline.  Even more effective is the leader who understands the importance of their business management system (foundation, architecture, implicate order)



Women as leaders in public office and on boards or in C-level positions across the world


Diversity in thought, diversity shows up in our environmental and economic situations which determine our social norms. 

Our spiritual and cultural beliefs determine our ability to adapt to western civilizations ideals or push harder to protect our connections with mother earth. 

Fairness and Justice

Public and Private partnerships must factor the local community involving the members of civil society through the youth and future workers in the communities where businesses build their businesses. 

Equal access to meaningful jobs begins with quality education systems relies upon the public and private sectors contributions to the economic and infrastructure including technology, retail, tourism, transportation, housing and healthcare systems. 

Supporting the health and safety of civil society begins with respecting human rights of all persons regardless of race, gender, disability, family values and religion. 

Equal access to justice systems ensures a balance between capitalism and social wellness. 


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WICKED - Women's Institute
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