Adding a comment
How to add a comment to an idea.

You can add Comments to any idea on a map, by clicking on the Comment button (under the map):

Type or paste your Comment into the box that opens on the Stream tab (illustrated above); select whether you want your comment to appear on the Selected idea or (by default) the Map idea; and then click on the Post button. 


  • Select the idea on the map, and click on the Details tab.
  • Click on the Show>> Comments radio button on the Details Selector bar at the bottom of the Details area, and then click on the Add a comment link that opens:

  • Type your comment in the Comment box that opens:

  • ...and, after clicking Enter,  your comment will be displayed immediately (beneath the Details text for the idea).

Note: You can include hyperlinks in your comments and create an automatic link to another idea by typing "#" followed by the idea's number (e.g. #350102).

The idea numbers are displayed on the idea rollovers on the map and in the Details view (next to the Heading).

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Adding a comment
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