Creating a new map
Creating a new map using the New Map button (under the map).


To create a new map:

  1. Click the New map button (at the bottom right of the map)

  2. Enter a Title or Heading for your new map (up to 70 characters) in the text box that opens.

  3. Check or uncheck the Private map check box.

  4. Click the Finish button.

> After you click the Finish button, your new map is displayed, and you can begin to add to the map in the usual way.

> You can return to the previous map by clicking once or twice on the browser's back button.

> New maps are public by default. Private maps are only accessible to you (and anyone who you invite to the map, using the invitation panel on the Community tab).

> The Manage this map panel (displayed at the bottom of the Community tab, lets you vary the map settings and access a variety of map moderator and analysis features at any time).

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Creating a new map
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