Nuclear Science and Engineering
NSE 1.0
NSE 2.0
NSE 3.0
NSE 4.0

NSE 1.0  ---From Science to Engineering, symbolically, from E=MC**2 to nuclear devices

NSE 2.0  ---From Nuclear Devices to Values(energy, heat, health, …)

NSE 3.0  ---Inclusive Design of Manufacturing and Inverse Manufacturing-closing missing links in engineering/ *Establishment of Inverse Manufacturing as well as Manufacturing, namely, socially approved nuclear waste management/ *Risk Mitigation by New Technology, namely, fusion of prediction, monitoring, controlling, substituting technologies by alternative methods including robotics

NSE 4.0   ---Nuclear Civilization for Sustainable, Safe and Human-centered Communities/ *taking into accounts future potential risks and crisis due to divides and changes/ *establishing "earth engineering" for all.

Nuclear Science and Engineering
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