How to reduce the risks/impact of climate change?
What policy measures are available to reduce the risks and impacts arising from anthropocentric climate change?
Anthropogenic Climate Change »Anthropogenic Climate Change
Responding to climate change? »Responding to climate change?
Immediate action required »Immediate action required
How to reduce the risks/impact of climate change?
Adopt different farming practices and diet »Adopt different farming practices and diet
Radical restructuring of the energy sector »Radical restructuring of the energy sector
Forestation »Forestation
Reduce emissions of greenhouse gases »Reduce emissions of greenhouse gases
Geoengineering »Geoengineering
Control human population growth »Control human population growth
Anticipate and adapt to changes that are unavoidable »Anticipate and adapt to changes that are unavoidable
Prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with climate »Prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with climate
National action on climate change? »National action on climate change?
Fixing the Economic System? »Fixing the Economic System?
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