NICE – Workplace interventions
All workplaces, particularly large organisations such as the NHS and local authorities should address the prevention and management of obesity, because of the considerable impact on the health of the workforce and associated costs to industry.

Workplaces are encouraged to collaborate with local strategic partnerships and to ensure that action is in line with the local obesity strategy (in England).

Provide opportunities for staff to eat a healthy diet and be more physically active, through:

  • active and continuous promotion of healthy choices in restaurants, hospitality, vending machines and shops for staff and clients, in line with existing Food Standards Agency guidance
    working practices and policies, such as active travel policies for staff and visitors
  • a supportive physical environment, such as improvements to stairwells and providing showers and secure cycle parking
  • recreational opportunities, such as supporting out-of-hours social activities, lunchtime walks and use of local leisure facilities.

Incentive schemes (such as policies on travel expenses, the price of food and drinks sold in the workplace and contributions to gym membership) that are used in a workplace should be sustained and be part of a wider programme to support staff in managing weight, improving diet and increasing activity levels.

Workplaces providing health checks for staff should ensure that they address weight, diet and activity, and provide ongoing support.

Support action to improve food and drink provision in the workplace, (including restaurants, hospitality and vending machines), with tailored educational and promotional programmes, such as a behavioural intervention or environmental changes (for example, food labelling or changes to availability).

For this to be effective, commitment from senior management, enthusiastic catering management, a strong occupational health lead, links to other on-site health initiatives, supportive pricing policies and heavy promotion and advertisement at point of purchase are likely to be needed.

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