First Elaborations of Patterns for Systemic Interpretation
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The Pattern Language as we imagine it is an ideographic language for the visual interpretation of systemic and transformative dynamics. It would enable various actors to:

  • Interpret, and assess, criticize and readjust observed situations and models, and the associated impulses, dynamics and effects, thus creating spaces for annotation, interpretation and controversy, as well as for co-creation of solutions and co-decisions, in a perpetually ongoing interpretative, and appreciative as well as critical inquiry.
  • Describe new initiatives and solutions in terms of their intentions or desired outcomes and monitor effects (declaration/tagging badges).
  • Explore the ecosystem to identify specific dynamics and combinations thereof (semantic query) to discover new possibilities of solutions and possible partners, in automated as well as conscious ways.

This is quite in line with the idea of the hermeneutical/interpretative web as described by Bernard Stiegler.

This first draft show directions. There are probably redundancies. Some visuals may already be combinations of others. And we need to suggest combinations as case studies. But this gives an idea of what it could look like while we are making sense of possibilities. A more general description of the intentions of the project can be found here.

The next step is a workshop in Austria on November 14-15 twith several groups working on Pattern Languages for social change to discuss the structure of the language, methodologies of collaboration and design, and pattern mining and polishing tools.

Feedback and ideas are welcome. We are at the crystallization stage. This is multilayered and complex...

You will find more details in the paper prepared for a Pattern Language for Societal Change workshop: A Pattern Language for Systemic Transformation (PLAST) - (re)Generative of Commons.

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First Elaborations of Patterns for Systemic Interpretation
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