6. Food environment
The influence of the food environment on an individual’s food choices, for example a decision to eat more fruit and vegetables may be influenced by the availability and quality of fruit and vegetables near home.
Foresight – Obesity System Map »Foresight – Obesity System Map
6. Food environment
Cost of ingredients »Cost of ingredients
Desire to differentiate food offerings »Desire to differentiate food offerings
Desire to maximise volume »Desire to maximise volume
Desire to minimise cost »Desire to minimise cost
De-skilling »De-skilling
Effort to increase efficiency of consumption »Effort to increase efficiency of consumption
Effort to increase efficiency of production »Effort to increase efficiency of production
Female employment »Female employment
Level of employment »Level of employment
Market price of food offerings »Market price of food offerings
Pressure for growth and profitability »Pressure for growth and profitability
Pressure on job performance »Pressure on job performance
Pressure to cater for acquired tastes »Pressure to cater for acquired tastes
Pressure to improve access to food offerings »Pressure to improve access to food offerings
Purchasing power »Purchasing power
Societal pressure to consume »Societal pressure to consume
Standardisation of food offerings »Standardisation of food offerings
Strategies of some companies are fuelling the obesity crisis »Strategies of some companies are fuelling the obesity crisis
Industry »Industry
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