2. Activity environment
The influence of the environment on an individual’s activity behaviour, for example a decision to cycle to work may be influenced by road safety, air pollution or provision of a cycle shelter and showers.
Foresight – Obesity System Map »Foresight – Obesity System Map
2. Activity environment
Access to opportunities for physical exercise »Access to opportunities for physical exercise
Ambient temperature »Ambient temperature
Cost of physical exercise »Cost of physical exercise
Dominance of motorised transport »Dominance of motorised transport
Dominance of sedentary employment »Dominance of sedentary employment
Opportunity for team-based activity »Opportunity for team-based activity
Opportunity for unmotorised transport »Opportunity for unmotorised transport
Perceived danger in environment »Perceived danger in environment
Reliance of labour-saving devices »Reliance of labour-saving devices
Safety of unmotorised transport »Safety of unmotorised transport
Social depreciation of labour »Social depreciation of labour
Sociocultural valuation of physical activity »Sociocultural valuation of physical activity
Walkability of living environment »Walkability of living environment
Mandatory health impact assessments for local planning decisions »Mandatory health impact assessments for local planning decisions
Overseeing a decline in physical activity »Overseeing a decline in physical activity
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