1. Biology
An individual's starting point - the influence of genetics and ill health.
Foresight – Obesity System Map »Foresight – Obesity System Map
1. Biology
Conscious control of accumulation »Conscious control of accumulation
Genetic and/or epigenetic predisposition to obesity »Genetic and/or epigenetic predisposition to obesity
Appropriateness of maternal body composition »Appropriateness of maternal body composition
Appropriateness of nutrient partitioning »Appropriateness of nutrient partitioning
Appropriateness of child growth »Appropriateness of child growth
Appropriateness of embryonic & fetal growth »Appropriateness of embryonic & fetal growth
Degree of optimal GI signalling »Degree of optimal GI signalling
Degree of primary appetite control by brain »Degree of primary appetite control by brain
Effort to acquire energy »Effort to acquire energy
Extent of digestion and absorption »Extent of digestion and absorption
Importance of physical need »Importance of physical need
Level of adipocyte metabolism »Level of adipocyte metabolism
Level of available energy »Level of available energy
Level of fat-free mass »Level of fat-free mass
Level of infections »Level of infections
Level of satiety »Level of satiety
Level of thermogenesis »Level of thermogenesis
Predisposition to activity »Predisposition to activity
Quality & Quantity of breast feeding »Quality & Quantity of breast feeding
Reliance on pharma remedies »Reliance on pharma remedies
Reliance on surgical interventions »Reliance on surgical interventions
Resting metabolic rate »Resting metabolic rate
Side-effects of medicine / drug use »Side-effects of medicine / drug use
Strength of lock-in to accumulate energy »Strength of lock-in to accumulate energy
Tendency to preserve energy »Tendency to preserve energy
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