Thanks for joining! This general stream is for providing feedback and discussing the project itself, how we organize, the various possibilities and options, for sharing interesting resources and examples, or discussing theoretical aspects. This is the ideal place to start discussing additions to the map and where they would fit best.
Questions on the project itself:
  • What usefulness and applications do you see in this project?
  • What is missing? How would you go about? What suggestions would you have?
  • How would you like to contribute to it?

Questions part of an inquiry process for building the language itself:

  • What would you like to 'change'? What are the practices and outcomes your projects and initiatives are up against?
  • What 'toxic' mechanisms and behaviors do they result from. What aggravates them?
  • What new practices are you putting in place? How do they work to counter the above?
  • How do you prevent these new practices to go back to business as usual?

Every change agent has something to contribute here. Thanks!

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