Debategraph/tool related questions
Questions on the tool itself
Here we will discuss the tool itself. How-to's, issues, collaborative processes, structure and flows of information.
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When you arrive, you will see on the left hand side and at the bottom of the page a navigator that will enable you to move around the map. Each current page shows the nodes that are directly below it with a smaller dot, and the node immediately above with an upward directed arrow. The view button at the top will take you to seveal types of views that may be interesting to use once familiar with the tool.
For the moment we are gathering data and creating the community, and taking advantage of the Workshop on the Ostrom Workshop to present the project.

Please do not hesitate to post suggestions on the project itself on the general discussion and ask the questions on this technical discussion.
An Open Source Pattern Language (re)generative of Commons »An Open Source Pattern Language (re)generative of Commons
Guide to the Map - How to »Guide to the Map - How to
Debategraph/tool related questions
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