The Doug Engelbart Institute
Conceived by Douglas Engelbart as a vehicle for broad-based collaboration to explore how we can dramatically boost our ability to solve complex, urgent problems on a global scale collectively.

Simply put, our mission is to inspire, demonstrate and propogate breakthrough strategies, organizing principles, best practices, and open source tools for boosting the Collective IQ of teams, organizations, networked initiatives, and even whole nations; to cultivate an active collaborative network of participants from a cross-section of disciplines and sectors engaging in cross-cutting hands-on participatory initiatives via our interactive website; to foster pilot trials in partner organizations; to facilitate the incorporation of resulting open source tools into mainstream software; and to make the work broadly available through the web, through publications, gatherings, workshops, presentations and consulting. Ultimately the Institute seeks to promote an international alliance of stakeholders engaging in this work.

The strategic principles underlying this work are based on Doug's lifelong vision for bootstrapping our Collective IQ for rapidly increasing learning, innovation and effectiveness at solving important problems. Many of these organizing principles were embedded in his legendary research lab at SRI, which was responsible for more breakthrough innovation than probably any other lab before or since.

See our Vision & Mission statement for details

The Doug Engelbart Institute is also steward of Engelbart's historic work, including his papers, photographic and video records, digital files, and software, in collaboration with Stanford University Special Collections and the Computer History Museum. Visit our Library page for details. We also maintain a working version of Augment/NLS on a Sun server.

The Doug Engelbart Institute is a California 501(c)3 not-for-profit incorporated in the State of California.
The Doug Engelbart Institute
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