PFTF Platform Dialogue
In which we talk about the IT (boundary infrastructure) necessary to support a major demonstration of online collaboration.

What we have seen so far is the development of a variety of collaboration tools (MediaWiki, DebateGraph, Google+, Twitter, Trello… see this incomplete compilation by Knowledge Federation). 

What we anticipate as the next phase—and wish to support through the Program for the Future Challenge—is the development of a variety of collaboration processes and systems—where those tools are combined as Lego blocks to enable and power completely new ways of co-creating and sharing knowledge.
The intended end result is the emergence of radically better and continuously improving institutional structures in key areas such as governance, research, education, public informing and business—capable of making a difference that makes a difference.
We are here engaged in a first step of this next phase of development, a dialog about a single question—the choice of a platform. We would like to complement the development of individual tools by a suitable platform that will enable us to combine them together. Take, for example, the PFTF Challenge itself: What platform should we use that will enable us to combine a collection of collaboration tools, and to experiment with new ones as they emerge?
Help us co-create an answer—and learn from one another.
PFTF Platform Dialogue
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Platform Requirements? »Platform Requirements?
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Contenders to our current choice »Contenders to our current choice
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