Sergei Chakhotin
Illustrates the communication design side of Hermes

As a friend and a junior scientist in Ivan Pavlov's research lab, Sergei Chakhotin developed a keen insight and interest in psychology.

In 1932 he is in Germany, actively involved in electoral politics. 

We adapt the story from French Wikipedia.

In Paris with his manuscript.

The point: Imagine if the horrors of the Second World War could have been avoided, if this man's message was understood and heard!

Political propaganda as simple psychological conditioning...

Imagine if still today we are considering politics as basically a matter of rational choice, while obviously something different is at play.

Imagine if still today  'the forces of good' (the academia, the culture...) are playing by the old rules, while 'the forces of evil' are using simple psychological manipulations—and winning!

The point of Hermes is to communicate the messages in a way that DOES bring them across. The point of Hermes is to bring communication design to serve truth and justice.

"Le viol des foules par la propagande politique"

An illustration of his method: Picture of swastika:

His own illustration of his second method: Adding 't' to Heil Hitler to make it "Heilt Hitler" (Cure Hitler).


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Sergei Chakhotin
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