Commitment to Collaborate, CtC
An instrument of re-alignment; makes our commitments transparent; and conscious
Imagine us as iron chips in a magnetic field, which orients our seemingly random or free movements in the direction that is aligned with conventional ways of thinking and doing, institutions and power interests.

Our key goal is re-alignment...

The CtC is a prototype instrument of re-alignment. Its role is to make our commitments conscious and transparent.

Here is how it works: 

  • compose your own CtC template (by updating the prototypes made  available in nodes adjacent to this one)
  • write a CtC to a beneficiary (a person, organization or cause), as a unilateral expression of readiness to spend x amount of your time or energy furthering the beneficiary's cause, in some specified way
  • create a node for this CtC containing that text as Details, linking it to the beneficiary's node in Participants (create the node if it's not already there)
  • send an email to the beneficiary or its representative, containing the same text, and a pointer to the node, giving the beneficiary the freedom to choose whether to respond or not.
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Commitment to Collaborate, CtC
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