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Christiane Amanpour's live global interview program ran on CNN from September 2009 to April 2010 with the aim of setting the agenda for a new global conversation. DebateGraph worked with Amanpour to map this conversation online – producing a map of around 3,000 ideas.

Amanpour ran on CNN International and Sundays on CNN in the United States from Monday 21st September 2009 to Friday 30th April 2010.

The guests included global leaders, heads of state and cultural icons and aimed to serve as the hub for a global community of inquiring minds, hungry for a more daring perspective and a strong, clear, thoughtful take on international stories.

"I want this show to stir the global conscience. I have witnessed so much that it's time to start making real sense of it all," Amanpour says. "I learned to seek facts and to tell the truth no matter how difficult or unpopular, and to not accept a false moral equivalence when none exists. I want to provide a forum for others to do the same." 

DebateGraph worked with the Amanpour production team and viewers to create collaboratively editable debate maps around the interviews and global issues addressed in the programs – and to provide a forum for non-linear, interactive and cumulative debate to complement the program’s analysis and interviews. WIth the final map extending to almost 3,000 ideas.

You can watch a quick video guide to DebateGraph here, and read how to use DebateGraph via the Help tab above.
Amanpour CNN
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