David Chalmers
Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and director of the Centre for Consciousness at ANU, and Professor of Philosophy and co-director of the Center for Mind, Brain, and Consciousness at NYU.
Artificial Intelligence Â»Artificial Intelligence
Protagonists Â»Protagonists
David Chalmers
Online Papers on Consciousness Â»Online Papers on Consciousness
Implementable in functional system Â»Implementable in functional system
The fading qualia thought experiment Â»The fading qualia thought experiment
Rational cognitive systems have correct beliefs Â»Rational cognitive systems have correct beliefs
ACME doesn't understand analogy Â»ACME doesn't understand analogy
Front-end assumption is dubious Â»Front-end assumption is dubious
All encompassing representations can't be processed Â»All encompassing representations can't be processed
Perception depends on analogy Â»Perception depends on analogy
Analogies only drawn from pre-structured representations Â»Analogies only drawn from pre-structured representations
Front-end assumption is dubious Â»Front-end assumption is dubious
SME too rigid in its distinctions Â»SME too rigid in its distinctions
Treatment of relations too rigid Â»Treatment of relations too rigid
Connectionist machines possess compositional semantics Â»Connectionist machines possess compositional semantics
Implicit-structured representations causally effective Â»Implicit-structured representations causally effective
Front-end Assumption is dubious Â»Front-end Assumption is dubious
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