Roger Penrose
Arguments advanced by Roger Penrose.
Artificial Intelligence Â»Artificial Intelligence
Protagonists Â»Protagonists
Roger Penrose
No: computers can't have emotions Â»No: computers can't have emotions
Low-level quantum effects are uncomputable Â»Low-level quantum effects are uncomputable
Mathematical insight is non-algorithmic Â»Mathematical insight is non-algorithmic
The absurdity of algorithmic insight Â»The absurdity of algorithmic insight
Insight is essential even if it is fallible Â»Insight is essential even if it is fallible
Glymour and Kelly are too strict Â»Glymour and Kelly are too strict
Gödelian insight is a slippery character Â»Gödelian insight is a slippery character
The Gödelian insight is all that we need Â»The Gödelian insight is all that we need
Connectionist networks are formal systems Â»Connectionist networks are formal systems
Roger Penrose Â»Roger Penrose
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