Hilary Putnam
Arguments advanced by Hilary Putnam.
Artificial Intelligence »Artificial Intelligence
Protagonists »Protagonists
Hilary Putnam
Diachronic and synchronic linguistics  »Diachronic and synchronic linguistics
Mind-body problem isn't a real-world problem »Mind-body problem isn't a real-world problem
Implementable in functional system »Implementable in functional system
Consciousness is multiply realisable »Consciousness is multiply realisable
Machine-state functionalism »Machine-state functionalism
Let's just say robots are conscious »Let's just say robots are conscious
Definition of Alive is structurally based »Definition of Alive is structurally based
Record Player Argument »Record Player Argument
Robot learning response »Robot learning response
Reprogammed humans retain free will »Reprogammed humans retain free will
Proof of human superiority relies on proof of consistency »Proof of human superiority relies on proof of consistency
Super Spartans »Super Spartans
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