SolrSherlock Project Summary
A narrative-based high-level view of this project from the perspective of Jack Park. Perspectives from others are encouraged.
Note: this summary is like a blog post to be written as a 50,000 feet view. In theory, it will include links to perspective documents scattered about the graph, each of which navigates to deeper levels of details. Authenticated participants are encouraged to use open conversation nodes attached to this node to engage in conversations about the What, Why, or How aspects of this summary. To be clear, this document pioneers no new information; topics covered here exist in the graph.


At the highest level, SolrSherlock is being designed and crafted to serve as a platform which supports and includes a society of agents, where agents refers to software apps which perform specific kinds of computation in support of the larger mission of the project.


There is a need for software agents serving to augment human capabilities in the context of complex, urgent, and global issues. Health, Climate, Sustainability -- indeed, Thrivability, are among the issues facing humankind. 


SolrSherlock is a software product, fully open source, hopefully one of many.

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SolrSherlock Project Summary
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