UIMA-related Tasks
In the business of harvesting for use cases such as topic map merging, question answering, and discovery, there will be many kinds of annotators necessary. We imagine a rich list of annotators such as:
  • Person detectors
  • Places/locations detectors
  • Date detectors
  • Event detectors
  • Intention detectors
  • Sentiment detectors
  • Process detectors
  • Strategy detectors
  • Tactic detectors
For those many (and more) annotators to work together in order to process any document, there is the need for several features of that ecosystem, including, but not limited to:
  • Agent coordination
  • Agent communication language
Agent coordination is, in the SolrSherlock platform, taken care of by the SolrAgentCoordinator platform

Agent communication language could emerge in the way agents use tags on the tuples they send into the SolrAgentCoordinator. More to evolve about that.
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UIMA-related Tasks
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