Option: Contribute Ideas to this project
SolrDrWatson could support many different approaches to creating a Watson-like software platform
When contributing to the SolrDrWatson project, consider these points:
  • DebateGraph is like a structured wiki
    • You can add nodes
    • You can add to, or modify existing nodes
      • Modify nodes with great care; this is not Wikipedia; we do not seek just one uniform idea; rather, we seek all possible ideas, so, rather than changing a node to suit your ideas, instead, create another node alongside and express your own ideas
To actually join this project one must follow these steps:
  • If not already a DebateGraph member, register and create a new account
  • Log into DebateGraph
  • Navigate to this project
  • Click on the Community Tab
  • Click on the "See the map community" link.
  • Moderators have a red color on their entries; click on the "Contact" link of a chosen moderator
  • Fill in the form requesting to join this map.
    • Please introduce yourself, talk about interests, skills, etc
    • Be sure to give the email you use to register and login at DebateGraph
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Option: Contribute Ideas to this project
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