Experience, Memory, and Reasoning
Edited by Janet L. Kolodner and Christopher K. Riesbeck


  1. Introduction
  2. Knowledge Representation - A Critique and a Proposal
  3. Learning and Memory in Machines and Animals: An AI Model that Accounts for Some Neurobiological Data
  4. Functional Representation of Devices and Compilations of Diagnostic Problem-Solving Systems
  5. Knowledge-Directed Retrieval of Autobiographical Memories
  6. Problem Solving and Dynamic Memory
  7. Learning How to Argue: Using Hypotheticals
  8. Assignment of Responsibility in Ethical Judgments
  9. Explanation: A First Pass
  10. Acquisition of Device Models in Instructionless Learning
  11. Using Memory in Text Understanding
  12. A More General Approach to Word Disambiguation
  13. Direct Memory Access Parsing
  14. Parsing with Parallelism: A Spreading-Activation Model of Inference Processing During Text Understanding
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Experience, Memory, and Reasoning
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