Node Slated for Curation
A node with this tag means that the node needs and will get editorial attention
Reasons for using this tag include but are not limited to:
  • Nodes which make slanderous statements
    • Nodes of this type, depending on the nature of what is stated, may be deleted
    • No answer is wrong or deficient; each answer can be the subject of a debate, which this conversation tool supports.
  • Nodes which do not generally follow the dictates of Appreciative Inquiry
  • Nodes which make claims but without evidence to support such claims; Note: evidence can and should appear in individual nodes as responses to the node which makes a claim; that allows each evidence piece to be subject to support or debate
  • Nodes which entail more than one topic per node. An example would be the question "What causes X? to be answered with, say, "Both A and B are causes of X". The desire is always to render all individual ideas as individually addressable, in different nodes for each
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Node Slated for Curation
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