Architecture Ideas
In which varieties of approaches to satisfying use cases are topics; these can include existing projects which can be adapted to SolrDrWatson
Let there be many architectural approaches to a SolrDrWatson agent. Similarly, let there be many implementations. Our collective opportunity is to explore the space of Watson-like capabilities along many different directions, with a longer-term outcome of learning from the exercises, leading, one hopes, to improved agents.
OpenSherlock Project »OpenSherlock Project
Architecture Ideas
What do we know about Watson's Architecture? »What do we know about Watson's Architecture?
Thesis 1: Couple SolrSherlock to a Topic Map »Thesis 1: Couple SolrSherlock to a Topic Map
Health Care Applications »Health Care Applications
Knowledge Representation Opportunities »Knowledge Representation Opportunities
Options for using UIMA »Options for using UIMA
Sensemaking »Sensemaking
Thesis 2: An Entire Framework: OpenSherlock »Thesis 2: An Entire Framework: OpenSherlock
Thesis 3: Anticipatory Story Reading »Thesis 3: Anticipatory Story Reading
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