Use cases, scenarios which explain how SolrDrWatson can be used; this drives architectural considerations: use cases should be cross-linked to architectural ideas
In defining use cases, heuristically thinking, it is probably wise to avoid blue sky concepts like Understand Natural Language,  instead (perhaps) thinking in terms of specific kinds of goals which drive specific kinds of use cases.  In many instances, it's reasonable to expect that some use cases will satisfy more than one goal.

Many of the use cases are highly related, as if there might be some taxonomic structure that could be imposed upon them, or sets of relations which wire them together. An overall activity is that of understanding natural language, our blue sky notion. Thus, we introduce Use Case 0, Machine Reading to serve as an umbrella for parsing, understanding, and related activities.
OpenSherlock Project »OpenSherlock Project
What about facilitating / empowering collective understanding? »What about facilitating / empowering collective understanding?
What about learning? »What about learning?
What about prediction? »What about prediction?
Use Case 0: Machine Reading »Use Case 0: Machine Reading
Use Case 1: Question Answering »Use Case 1: Question Answering
Use Case 2: Topic Map Merging »Use Case 2: Topic Map Merging
Use Case 3: Locating Entailments »Use Case 3: Locating Entailments
Use Case 4: Knowledge-based Discovery »Use Case 4: Knowledge-based Discovery
Use Case 5: Support SolrKnowledgeFederationServer »Use Case 5: Support SolrKnowledgeFederationServer
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