Terms and Definitions
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OpenSherlock Project »OpenSherlock Project
Terms and Definitions
Analysis, Harvesting »Analysis, Harvesting
Emerging and Existing Standards and Specifications »Emerging and Existing Standards and Specifications
Knowledge Organization »Knowledge Organization
Knowledge Representation »Knowledge Representation
Annotation »Annotation
Anticipation »Anticipation
Anticipatory Parsing »Anticipatory Parsing
Anticipatory Systems »Anticipatory Systems
As If Semantic Primitives - AISP »As If Semantic Primitives - AISP
Case-based Reasoning »Case-based Reasoning
Cognitive Computing »Cognitive Computing
Context Accumulation »Context Accumulation
Crowd sourcing »Crowd sourcing
Feedback »Feedback
Grammar Induction »Grammar Induction
IBM's Watson »IBM's Watson
Infoglut »Infoglut
Information Extraction »Information Extraction
Learning »Learning
Link grammar »Link grammar
Machine Reading »Machine Reading
Namespace »Namespace
Probabilistic Model »Probabilistic Model
Prolog »Prolog
Question Answering »Question Answering
Semantic Primitives »Semantic Primitives
Software Agent »Software Agent
Topological data analysis »Topological data analysis
User Experience (UX) »User Experience (UX)
Analogy »Analogy
Heuristic »Heuristic
Node »Node
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