Program For The Future
The Program for the Future brought 200 actual and 4000 virtual participants to the Tech Museum in December 2008 to discuss the idea of collective intelligence, based on the work of Silicon Valley pioneer Douglas Engelbart.

From that conference, we have a set of initiatives and a growing community - all whose shared objective is to help bring about teamwork and massive collaboration on a global scale in order to avert planetary disaster - the vision that inspired Doug Engelbart to invent the mouse, hypertext, windowed computer interaction, multimedia, outline processing, wikis, and even more innovations the world hasn't yet widely seen.

Doug's vision included many non-technical innovations - iterations and agility, human and tool system co-evolution to bootstrap development of both, and models for how collaboration programs ought to be run.

We intend to take Doug's ideas, and extend them, and realize them.

The video includes one on one interviews with speakers and other participants in the conference, by Future Talk host Martin Wasserman. 

Program For The Future
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