19a. Ready-Made Products & Services
This chapter lists project issues of type 19 (19a. Ready-Made Products, 19b. Reusable Components, 19c. Products that can be Copied).
Social media platforms
Surrounding services; 
  • ParliamentWatch.Org has a complete service solution, including support and offers this for a yearly fee.
  • The Adviesraden platform of De Wakkere Burger would facilitate also the  registration for the members of parliament (in addition to those of the municipal councils and all other users.
  • Via the Open Government Platform (OGPL) the General Services Adminstration (USA) and the National Informatics Centre (India) publish Drupal-based open source software.
  • Centre for ICT in Parliament has created ‘standards’ Akoma Ntoso en Bungeni which could be relevant for the Voter Archive
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19a. Ready-Made Products & Services
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