2b. The Customer
Customer for: (i) Public platform for communicating about agenda items: citizens, politicians, journalists, ...; (ii) Voters' Archive: all citizens, researchers, journalists; (iii) Media Partnerships: members of a content cooperative (media partnership)
(i) Public platform for communicating about items on agenda
  • citizens  and politicians are using the tags to read about the current items on the EP (Committee) agendas, express their viewpoints; by liking or plus-ing, they can also express approval with arguments or statements.

(ii) Voters' Archive
  • citizens in different roles such as teacher, pupil or student, researcher, journalist:
  • people involved in one of these engagement lines: 
    • 1st line: tag time lines in social platforms such as Twitter, Google+ & Facebook
    • 2nd line:curate using Storify, Spundge, in blogs, ...
    • 3rd line: synthesis and consolidation of resulting guidance in sector and function maps (see Actor Atlas)
    • 4th line: e-book editing and maintenance  

(iii) Media Partnerships
  • Media companies
  • Independent curator: in your area of interest (one or more of the identified 102.960 areas) you create and maintain spundge note streams or storify stories that capture tagged posts from various social media platforms - your note streams are embedded in suitable websites.
  • independent author: in your area of interest (one or more of the tag areas) you author non-fiction ebooks, for instance via the leanpub platform (which allows you to earn upto nearly 90% from your sales); you keep your ebook up to date with the tagged content in your area of interest (invite readers to use specific tags); your ebooks are offered via suitable websites such as the Actor Atlas page and/or social capital wiki pages.

For each of these stakeholders specific on-boarding material will be provided as explained in the stakeholder's details section.
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2b. The Customer
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