1a. Background of the Project Effort
Whereas democracy as a form of government enjoys high approval ratings, disenchantment with politics (and politicians) is rampant in many countries with a democratic government. Many people feel powerless and cannot see a way of contributing to politics or to feel heard outside of elections.
The proposed tags and the functions of government or economic activities they represent are introduced in the Actor Atlas (url: http://www.actor-atlas.info/).
The ParliamentWatch.org Annual Report 2011 pages 8-9 give a detailed description of the rationale explaining how the ParliamentWatch approach could reverse observed trends such as:
  • Citizens and politicians are moving further and further apart,
  • Falling election turnout, and
  • Fewer and fewer people are willing to become involved in (party) politics.
The table below clarifies the distinctions with ParliamentWatch for three service areas: 
 Service  German ParliamentWatch service  E-Parliament tagging
A public platform for asking questions  a moderated forum, people can ask public questions to representatives and receive public answers from them. Citizens and representatives talk to each other directly.  Conversations around the current topics of the legislature. Un-moderated. Contributors are expected not to spam, or post in a dishonest manner
 A Voters' Archive The archive contains all questions and answers, voting behaviour, additional income, and any committee memberships are listed for all MPs and councillors.
1st line: tag time lines in social platforms such as Twitter, Google+ & Facebook
2nd line:curate using Storify, Spundge, in blogs, ...
3rd line: synthesis and consolidation of resulting guidance in sector and function maps (see Actor Atlas)
4th line: e-book editing and maintenance 
 Media Partnerships Through media partnerships a broad public is put in touch with their political representatives and invited to ask questions. In turn, both questions and answers provide a research resource for the media.
Social platforms as "infrastructure"
Content cooperative as explained at


The E-Parliament tagging ''Debategraph'' explains the requirements of a similar service on the basis of social media and tagged European Parliament content:

Note: Whereas we will always refer to the European Parliament in elaborating the requirements, similar services and capabilities could be envisaged for national parliaments and local government units.
We hope the debategraph can inspire initiatives in those settings as well (with the tags defined  per country in the Actor Atlas.
E-Parliament Tagger »E-Parliament Tagger
01. The Purpose? »01. The Purpose?
1a. Background of the Project Effort
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